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What is a placeholder?

A placeholder is a booking for a course which is not linked to an actual person.

A placeholder is used to reserve a place for an individual before you have the full details of that individual.

Placeholders are used when an employer block-books multiple places on a course but leaves the decision about who will attend the course until nearer the time the course runs.

Subsequently, when you know who will actually be attending, you edit the placeholder and change the placeholder names to real names.

Methods of using placeholders

When you create a placeholder, the system creates unique links and booking codes which you can send to attendees as soon as you have their email addresses. After receiving the emails they can use the links to log in and register their own information.

Alternatively you can keep the placeholders as placeholders until the day of the course and then take the details during the course itself.

Identifying placeholders

Placeholders are simply student records with a name of Placeholder.