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The Employer Bookings module allows you to better serve the requirements of employers who wish to outsource training and other professional development activities to your organisation.

Employer Bookings makes it easy for:

  • employers to register employees for courses

  • employers to manage their training budgets

  • employees to join courses

  • employees to benefit from employer discounts

  • course providers to monitor course uptake

  • course providers to issue invoices and monitor payment status

In addition employers can also exercise close control over which employees join courses and which courses they are allowed to join.

What is Employer Bookings?

The Employer Bookings application is split into two main functional areas.

  • book employees onto courses

  • managing funding

Book employees onto courses

Employer bookings allows both course providers and employers to add employees to courses. The booking process is fast and flexible and allows you to mix the registration of real, known individuals with placeholder registrations (you know that someone from the organisation will come along to the course, but you’re not sure who yet).

Once employees have been added to the course, they can add their own personal details as part of a self-booking process, or the employer (or course provider) can enter their details and complete the booking on their behalf. The emphasis is on flexibility – there is no need to impose a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

Manage funding

The funding option allows employers to specify their training budget and to control which employees join courses and which courses they are allowed to join. Employers can also specify how course funding should be divided between the employer’s subsidy and the employee’s own contribution.

Relationship to Book and Pay

The Employer Bookings module is closely integrated with the Book and Pay module. Courses must be available as Book and Pay services and employee registration and payment is handled by the Book and Pay module.

Classic Interface

Invoice payments must be recorded through the Classic Interface.