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The Dashboard

The Employer Bookings Dashboard provides an overview of all booking activity.

The course provider can view a summary of the information aggregated for all employers or can view the information for individual employers. Employers may be permitted to view the Dashboard but are restricted to viewing information relating only to their own organisation.

To view the Dashboard

Select the Dashboard icon on the toolbar.

To view Dashboard information relating to a single employer

Select the employer from the Employer list.

The information shown on the Dashboard is now restricted to the selected employer.

Areas of the Dashboard

The following screenshot shows the various areas of the Dashboard.


1 – Registrations

2 – Invoices

3 – Employees

4 – Funding Uptake Top 10

5 – Employers & Funding - Closing Soon


The Registrations chart provides an at-a-glance overview of registration activity broken down by quarter. This allows you to compare your quarter-on-quarter performance and identify any developing trends in registration activity.

Note that the figures shown on the Registrations Chart include placeholders as well as fully booked students. Placeholders are reserved places which have not yet been allocated to an identified student. Placeholders are shown as unused codes.

Clicking on a bar takes you through to the detail.


The Invoices button shows the sum-total of unpaid invoices. Click it to jump to the detailed list of unpaid invoices.


This panel summarises the state of employee registrations.



S tudying

Students falling into this category have fully completed their registration and their class has started.


Students falling into this category have fully completed their registration but their class has not yet started.


Students falling into this category have not yet fully completed their registration

Click a panel to see the underlying detail.

Funding Uptake Top 10

The funding uptake section shows how many students have actually booked on courses funded from a specific budget.

Click a link to see the underlying detail.

Bookings & Funding Closing Soon

This panel shows the upcoming budgets which are scheduled for closure and the amount of remaining funding which is available under the budget.

Note: If a soon-to-close budget still has significant remaining funds available you may consider extending it for a longer period.