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Course configuration in Book and Pay

Course availability is determined by the Accessibility setting in Book and Pay

In order to make a course available through the Employer Bookings module:

  • it must be set up as an Book and Pay service

  • within the Book and Pay service, its Accessibility flag must be set to Private or Mixed

To make a program available in Employer Bookings
  1. Go to Services > Book and Pay.

  2. Create course instance groups and add the courses into the groups.

  3. Go to Services > Recruit > Book and Pay.

  4. Choose Live Services > Edit Live Service.

  5. Locate the course you wish to edit.

  6. Click the Edit button.

    The Live Service Overview screen opens.

  7. Click the Edit Rule button to edit the rules of the course (Live Service Rules).

  8. Set the Accessibility flag to either Employer Bookings Only or Book & Pay & Employer Bookings.

Service availability

The Service Start and End dates are pulled through from the Services part of the Book and Pay module.