Case Manager Introduction<>

Going Live with a Case Manager service

Before you can go live with a service

Before you can go live with a new Case Manager service, you must have created:

an appropriate survey to capture details of the request from the end-user

see Build the student-facing web pages

a workflow to process the incoming request

see Implementing a workflow

Creating a live service

To create a live service you must link the survey and workflow together.

Note: Case Manager services differ from other Quercus services in that they are not associated with a specific course, but are available to all students irrespective of course. For this reason, the ‘going live’ process differs slightly from services such as Apply Online and Book and Pay.

‘Go live’ process for a Case Manager service

enter a code and description for the service and then associate the service with a survey and a workflow

‘Go live’ process for other online services (e.g. Apply Online, Book and Pay)

associate one or more courses with a service template

The reason for this is that Case Manager services are available to all students, whereas other online services are course-specific. Furthermore, to maintain compatibility with other online services a Case Manager service takes the form of a course and appears in the database as a course record. For this reason, when you search through a list of courses you will see Case Manager services included in the list. In the screenshot below, the Case Manager Apply for Exemption service appears listed as a course.

To create a live Case Manager service

1In the left-hand menu choose Request Types.

2In the right-hand asks panel, choose Create New Type.

The Create New Type screen opens.

3Enter a code and description for the service.

4Click Next.

The Service Steps screen opens.

5Drag the Survey icon across to the Selected Steps box.

6When the Survey icon is in the Selected Steps box, click the arrow at the foot of the icon to show a list of the published surveys.

7Choose the survey you want to publish from the list.

The survey is now associated with the Case Manager service.

When a service is live the survey will appear as a pages or pages in the appropriate point in the online workflow.

8Click Next.

The Service Rules screen opens.

In the Workflow box choose the workflow you set up for the service (as described in Implementing a workflow). In the example we have selected the Apply for Exception workflow.

By default the service will start immediately on set up and will continue until you choose to end it. You can however enter a future start date and a specific end date if you so wish.

The Submit Action option allows you to define the workflow action which will be associated with the initial submission of the request. This could be used to associate the submission of the request with a custom action which triggered the sending of a service-specific email template.

9Click Save.

The Live Service Overview opens displaying a confirmation message.

The service is now live!