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Workflow and actions

The requirement to create an interview before the application can be moved through the workflow is set, in the case of the above example, in the Admissions Default workflow. To understand why this is the case let’s take a look at the workflow.

To examine the default workflow

1To access this workflow select the Services tab from the Quercus home screen.

2Select the Admissions service and select the Workflow option.

3Select the Admissions Default workflow from the list of workflows.

You can see from the list that the Entry Req. Check ‘To Stage’ is ‘Interview’ and that there is a ‘Create Interview’ action associated with the transition.

If we click the edit button we can see this relationship more clearly.

Conclusion: some workflow stages which are associated with actions (indicated by the Execute option in the above dialog box) cannot be transitioned simply by clicking the Decision button — you must perform the action first.