Admissions FastTrack User Guide<>

User interface

Incoming applications

Incoming applications can be viewed in several ways. It is important to understand that each view is of the same data — it is just presented in a way that is suited for a particular task.

To view the applications

1On the Home screen, click the Admissions button.

The Admissions FastTrack screen opens on the Applications tab.

You can view the list of applications:

on the Applications tab

on the Decisions tab

on the Interviews tab

Each tab allows you to filter the list in a different way.

Application listings on the Applications tab

The Applications tab allows you to view incoming applications from the following:





UCAS clearing (

Local clearing enquiries or applications

Quercus Apply Online service (

New applications created from this module or by using the Quercus Classic Interface

You can view applications in several modes. These are listed below. All modes allow you to filter the view, so that you can restrict the view to (say) new direct applicants named ‘Smith’. You can click on the More Options button to see more filter options.

The various view options are described below.

When you are viewing any of the listings you can click on the Edit button to view and process the selected application.


You can view a bar chart which shows a summary of all applications categorized according to workflow status such as ‘Age Check’, ‘Interview’ or ‘Conditional Offer’. You can click on a bar to see all the applications which have reached that stage in the workflow.


You can view a listing of all applicants arranged alphabetically by name. In the example below the listing has been filtered to show the record of Adaline Boatwright. This listing shows a single entry for Adaline who, as we can see from the Type field, has made multiple applications.


You can view a listing of all applications arranged alphabetically by applicant name. In the example below the listing shows the individual applications made by Adaline Boatwright. We can see from the Personal ID that both applications are from the same applicant. One application has been made through UCAS, one application has been made directly.


You can view a listing of all applications arranged by choice of course. In the example below the listing has been filtered to show only direct applicants to the Prehistory course.