Admissions FastTrack User Guide<>

Scheduling interviews

You can schedule interviews for a single student or for a group of students. You identify the students whose interviews you want to schedule and then allocate times and places for the interviews.

To schedule interviews

1Go to Interviews tab.

Click the Schedule Interviews option in the Task List.

The Schedule Interviews screen opens.

2Enter the interview details then click the Select Applicants button.

3Use the filter to locate the individuals who you want to interview.

In the screen below we have located the direct applicant we created in the previous example. Note that the Stage is ‘Entry Req.’ — this is the stage at which we left the applicant in step 5 of the previous example.

4Select applicants by clicking the checkboxes on the right of the applicant listings.

5Click Create Interviews.

You receive a message confirming that interviews have been scheduled.

6Return to the Applications tab and locate the interviewee.

7You will see that the Decision/Reply column shows a yellow ‘I’ and that the stage has moved to ‘Interview.

8If we open the applicant’s record we can see that the act of scheduling an interview has automatically moved the applicant along in the workflow. We can see details of the move in the Workflow History (outlined in green below).