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Processing an application

Once an application is in the system — whether it originated from an external source such as UCAS, from the Apply Online system or from a direct application — it is processed in the same way.

To process an application

1We will select the application we created in the previous example and go to Workflow tab.

You can see by examining the Workflow History at the foot of the screen that a number of automatic transitions have already been made.

2In the example default workflow we select the radio button value of Approve Fee Status and click Apply.

The stage is changed to Overseas Check and a new entry is added to the Workflow History log.

3We select the Approve Overseas Status option and click Apply.

The stage will be changed to Entry Requirements Check. At this stage, having gone through the preliminary checks, we can make a decision about whether the candidate should move to the next stage in process: an interview, or even an offer.

4We decide to interview the candidate so we select 'Schedule Interview' and press 'Apply'.

5However we get an error message ‘This transition cannot be performed in this place’.

This is because you must schedule an interview before you can move on from this stage in the workflow. Certain workflow stages have associated tasks which must be completed before you can transition to the next workflow stage.

In the next section we’ll look at how you schedule an interview and how the act of scheduling it moves the application along in the workflow.

Note: this procedure is continued in To complete the processing of the application. Before continuing with the procedure we look at the interview scheduling process.