Admissions FastTrack User Guide<>


About this guide

The guide is aimed at system administrators and staff responsible for the deployment of online services.

The guide describes how to use the Quercus Admissions FastTrack module.

What is Admissions FastTrack?

Admissions FastTrack allows you to process applications received from external admissions services, such as UCAS and GTTR and from direct applicants. The applications in Admissions FastTrack flow in automatically from these sources — you do not have to key in the application details.

The Admissions FastTrack workflow is set up for the fast, easy processing of all applications. The various processing stages are clearly presented with all of the data associated with a specific application accessible with just one or two mouse clicks.

You can easily review all information connected with a particular application — such as subject choices, education details, interview dates, personal statements etc. If the candidate is suitable you can create an offer and it will be automatically emailed to the applicant. After the applicant has received the offer she can accept or decline through the Accept Offer module.

Components of Admissions FastTrack

Admissions FastTrack has the following characteristics:

it provides a set of options in the administrative interface which allow administrative staff to view and process applications for admission to the college

it allows you to associate set up one or more workflows to process the applications a service with a workflow: so that requests can be processed in the correct sequence by the correct staff

it links the requests with existing records in the database — so you can instantly see all the interactions associated with a specific student or a specific event