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Completing the processing of the application

In order to complete the processing of an application, you need to take it through the various stages mandated by the workflow associated with the applicant’s choice. Workflows are set up via the Services > Admissions option.

To complete the processing of the application

Note: this procedure continues from the To process an application.

1Go to the Applications tab and locate the interviewee.

2You will see that the Decision/Reply column shows a yellow ‘I’ and that the stage has moved to ‘Interview.

3On Workflow tab select the Accept Interview option and click Apply.

4The stage is changed to Accepted and you can now make an offer.

5Choose Create Offer to create an unconditional offer.

The stage is changed to Unconditional Offer and the status is changed ‘U’. You can now confirm that the offer has been accepted.

6Choose Confirm Offer Now to confirm that the offer has been accepted.

The stage is changed to Offer Confirmed and the status is changed ‘UF’. You can now turn your applicant into a student by choosing the Create Student option.

Note that the status changes that are performed automatically when you transition the applicant from one stage to another. This follows a similar logic to that applying to step 5 of Processing an application except that the required action is performed automatically by the application. The system can perform this action automatically because it does require intervention from the administrator — however in the earlier case of setting up the interview user is required (the system cannot determine an acceptable interview date without assistance). The screenshot shown below shows how this step has been set up by the service administrator in the workflow (the necessary actions have been highlighted in orange).

Note also that you could perform the same transition by going to 'Decision' tab and clicking on the Create Transaction option in the Tasks list …

… and then creating the appropriate transaction.